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Acrylic acid

Common characteristics of acrylic coating system : it is completely free of asbestos, lead,mercury and other compounds  in line with environmental protection principles. It is completely green,environmental friendly, highly UV resistant,with long - lasting and bright color,no fading and falling off.Easy maintenance with low maintenance cost,strong and durable  in any weather conditions.A variety of colors are available , including blue,red,dark green and light green.The service life is long generally more than 6 years.If the foundation quality is excellent,the service life can be extended.The surface layer can effectively relieve the impulse and reduce the injury and fatigue to the athletes.Intemational Tennis Association ( ITF )  approved products,intemational venues applicable.The acrylic coating system is suitable for the concrete base and asphalt  base , it provides high - quality ground materials for sports ground at a suitable pric .

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