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Paver Machine For Rubber Sport Ground Granule Surface Paving Machine

TPJ-2.5 paving machine is design for paving the elastic material bottom layer of the indoor or outdoor sport field. The machine is drive by the transmission chain, and moving at the certain speed. The pre-strike-off rail flat the mixed materials, and then the heating-shaking rail will tamp and flat the mixed elastic material.
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Product Description


Main structure and functions:

1、Machine body: The machine body is made of two-side longerons and transmission box, jointing to the H-structure, printing antirust paint, suitable working in the extreme environment.

2、pre-strike-off rail: steel structure piece, use the setting screw to adjust the distance between ground and rail, so that adjust the thickness of the flooring. Adjust the width of the flooring by limiter rail.

3、Driving system:

 The main drive of the machine are two e-motor and two Speed reducers, the driving system drive the track for running.

Use stepless timing by transducer, moving reposefully and accurately.

 the moving speed of the track is 0.6-0.8m/min

Use different tracks suit different surface.

Can move forward or backward, also can make camber turning. 

4、Walking system: the walking system is design for the situation that sometimes the machine needs to transfer for a long distance.

Put down the four- wheels by worm motor , the machine body will rise while the wheels put down. Then move the machine by the wheels.

5、Screed:  Screed is the key part of the whole machine, it have four functions such as adjust the height, adjust temperature, adjust angle and shaking.

Screed is made by stainless steel; the heating board is in the middle of two stainless steel boards.

The plastic or rubber materials which passed the pre-strike-off rail will be tamp and flat while they pass the screed.

 6、Electrical control system: there are two electric boxes and a electric control panel made of the whole electrical system. 

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