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Round hole single slotYD140H25

  • YD140H25

  • GFF

Product Description

Wood-plastic composite material is made of natural wood (about 60%), plastic (about 30%), mainly polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), and then added necessary chemical aids. Agents, such as antioxidants, lubricants, colorants, UV absorbers, etc... (about 10%). Extruded by professional wood-plastic extrusion equipment under high temperature and high pressure, because of the natural texture and performance, better UV (ultraviolet) performance and lower thermal expansion and contraction.



1. Colorful, many colors available for selection. Both natural wood texture and wood texture, but also according to their own personality to customize the desired color.

2. Waterproof, moisture-proof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easily rotted and swelled after moisture absorption in humid and multi-water environments.

3. Pest control, prevent termites, effectively eliminate pest harassment, extend the service life.

4. High fire resistance. Can effectively flame-retardant, fire rating reached B1 level, self-extinguishment in the event of fire, does not produce any toxic gases.

5. No cracking, no expansion, no deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, save the cost of post-maintenance and maintenance, service life is 10 times that of ordinary wood, is an alternative to outdoor wood.

6. Strong plasticity, can be very simple to achieve personalized modeling, fully reflects the personality style.

7. Has a high degree of environmental protection

Where are the advantages of choosing our company?

1. The real factory direct sales, save the price difference between any middlemen. (You can watch the factory at any time)

2, Export quality, quality assurance, affordable

3. Absolute professional custom size, color, etc.

4. Have high-quality technical guidance and construction team to protect your after-sales service

5. The company has a large team and can undertake large and small engineering materials, construction and other services. First-class team, first-class service, Yida Wood Plastic contributes to your success, escort!

Floor application area

General use for balconies, corridors, courtyards, terraces, gardens, gardens, etc.

Product parameters
Each piece width(mm)140Each piece thickness(mm)25Each piece length(mm)custom madesales unit1㎡Color ClassificationColor card color customizationMaterialsPlastic woodOriginChinaSurface technologyDrawing, embossing, wood grainApplicable spaceoutdoorserviceThe length can be customized, colors can be customized, the same city can provide free on-site measurement, can provide transportation, installation servicesBrandsYida Wood-Plastic
Color card color selection
Required materials and auxiliary materials

1, supporting keel optional 40*25mm 40x30mm 57*32mm 40*40mm 48*48mm solid keel

2, accessories: plastic fasteners + screws stainless steel accessories + screws

3, Edge 45x45mm "L" edge sealing;

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