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Rubber Flooring Tiles for Gym Fitness Protective Flooring Recycle Rubber Mats

The rubber floor mat has a high elasticity index. After being stepped on by gravity, it can quickly restore and maintain its normal state, and can relieve human fatigue with its elasticity. When exercising, this kind of floor mat product can also effectively protect people’s safety, environmental protection and health, easy to clean, rubber floor mats have stable performance, resistance to friction, natural wind and rain erosion, and strong earthquake resistance.
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Product Description

Product SeriesGym Floor Series
Product name

Roll-tile Composite Rubber Tile

MaterialTop: color EPDM granules, Bottom layer: black SBR granules
AdvantagesAnti-pressure, anti-slip, wear-resistant, sound-absorb and shock resistant , easy to install and maintain, environmental-friendly, recyclable

Gym, Ice rinks, home use, shooting range, etc

CertificatesCE, EN71, REACH, ISO10140 etc

Color:Any color can be customized
Expiration Date:10 years

The paving method of rubber mat

(1). Before laying the floor, it should adapt to the ambient temperature

      (consistent with the temperature of the base floor). 

     During laying and natural drying of the adhesive,

     large changes in temperature (such as direct sunlight) should be avoided.

(2). (Optional) Spread the glue evenly on the base floor and the back of the floor.

      When the glue is dry, align and paste it piece by piece, and tap it firmly with a rubber hammer.

     If any adhesive contaminates the floor surface, remove it immediately.

(3). If the edges and corners of the laid floor are not aligned, hollow bulges, edges, or uplifts, 

      they need to be corrected or relaid, and they must be done before the adhesive is dry.

 Construction tools:

(1). Cutter, steel ruler and leaning ruler are used for floor cutting.

(2). The squeegee is applied with adhesive.

(3). Use a rubber hammer to hammer the newly glued floor.

(4). The stirring rod is used to stir the adhesive evenly.

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